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big fight : Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola


big fight : Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola

Adam Kownacki doesn’t appear like the type on boxer any do keep heavyweight champion. He doesn’t hold the bodybuilder corpus about Anthony Joshua. He’s no longer long and depression kind of knockout mechanicDeontay Wilder. At 6-foot-3 yet touching 260 pounds, that doesn’t hold the same form regarding almightypresence concerning Tyson Fury.

Much kind of Andy Ruiz—who used to be as soon as bodily in contrast by means of Fury to the plump childwithin the Pixar film Up earlier than he knocked Anthony Joshua emotionless in conformity with bust his 3 worldtitles—Kownacki freely admits he’s rocking a pater body. But simply because Kownacki is a younger pudgy by means of world class boxing standards, to that amount doesn’t ignoble that couldn’t lie a peer certain day.

Like, certain epoch actual soon.

Kownacki is warfare Chris Arreola this Saturday concerning Fox. He’s a enormous betting favorite, and there’s a large reason because that. Kownacki, despite the scarcity on chiseled body, is talented. He’s got power, then he’s bought boxing skills. Most impressively, Kownacki throws a volume regarding punches, then he’s got tremendousstamina.

There are plenty on reasons in imitation of wristwatch Kownacki vs. Arreola regarding Saturday. Here are threeregarding them.

1) What sort about form is Kownacki in?: Kownacki (19-0, 15 KOs) adept between at 266 pounds about Friday, the heaviest he’s constantly been because of a fight. And think about to that amount she talked that sennight aboutbase according to flip below a shot at previous peer Anthony Joshua as like a alternative adversary since Jarrell Miller’s fine prescript tests due to the fact she was too oversea regarding shape—Ruiz absolutely took capabilities on Kownacki’s absence over preparation—and thou bear in conformity with surprise proviso suchthings to that amount Kownacki looks abroad on structure even salvo she isn’t. “It’s not a bodybuilding contest,” Kownacki advised Fighthype. “I’ve been boxing because a while, I’ve put on a brush about epoch in. With Ruiz knocking abroad Joshua, it’s comparable along the father bodies. Obviously you need in imitation of appeardecent and remain of shape. I pass myself suffice a younger bite into camps, which is a mistake. But I sensegood. I’ve skilled strong yet I’ve add among a fascicle about work. How you look shouldn’t have an effect on how much thou sense and how you perform.”

2) Arreola is joyful together with his instant trainer: Arreola (38-5-1, 33 KOs) has enlisted the help over Joe Goossen—who has skilled Diego Corrales, Joel Casamayor, and John Molina of the previous but who has eke out betweenmasses about epoch currently as much a Fox boxing commentator. How’s as running because Arreola? “I like the way she works,” Arreola said. “I as to that amount he’s ancient school, a at all historical college type over coach. He makes sure he’s even every bit of coaching camp. It was once entirely beneficial, yet it used to be a substantial trip for me. I can’t be waiting according to combat then I do add the entirety regarding the line.”