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Eurovision Final odds: is this tonight’s


The final stage of the Eurovision Song Contest – Eurovision 2019 – will take place on Saturday, May 18, in Israel, which won the right to host the competition after Israeli contestant Neta Barzee won the Eurovision Award for 2018.

The Netherlands, which won the competition last time in 1975, have a great chance of winning by Duncan Lawrence to win his country’s fifth win out of 41 countries participating in the competition, through his song “Arcad”.

This year is the absence of Bulgaria or Ukraine, the first prevented financial reasons to participate while Ukraine withdrew from participation in opposition to the participation of political rival Russia.

This year’s competition has seen a lot of controversy about its location, with many artists calling for a boycott of the event because of Israel’s practices in Gaza and the West Bank.

The winner of the competition who gets the highest percentage of votes and received most of the European countries with a success rate of 1% or even less, we offer here the chances of winning the country, which exceeded the success of this, noting that these possibilities are subject to permanent change:

Janne Danielsson / SVT
John Lundwijk – Janne Danielsson / SVT

Sweden: John Lundvic and his song “To Late For Love” have a 15% win.

Bilal Hassani Fifou

France : Bilal Hassani has an 11% chance of winning the song “Roi – The King”.

Daniil Velichko
Sergei Lazarev Daniil Velichko

Russia : With his song “Scream – Cry” Sergey Lazarev has a 9% chance of winning.

Alexandr Porubaymykh
Chengiz Alexandr Porubaymykh

Azerbaijan : 8% thanks to the song “Truth – Truth” performed by Chingiz.

Lilja Jóns
Hatara Lilja Jóns

Iceland : Her chance to win 4% for the song “Hatri m mun sigra – the ball will live” performed by the Hatari team.

Kynthia Kindeli
Tamta Kynthia Kindeli

Cyprus : Tamata has a 3% win through its song “Replay – Reboot”.

Efi Gousi
Katerina Duzca Efi Gousi

Greece : Katerina Duska – nicknamed “Amy Winehouse Greek” and has only a 2% chance of winning her song “Better Love – Better Love”.