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what does eating soil do to your womb?


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  • Soil can also interfere with nutrient absorption and suppress appetite, which can result in the fetus not getting enough nutrients to develop normally in the womb. Therefore, women experiencing soil cravings during pregnancy are advised to have their iron levels checked so that they can be monitored and treated if necessary.
  • Eating land has become an addiction for many African women . “Soil is a foreign material containing a lot of dirt and harmful agents such as worms, animal feces and fungi. There are various problems that ingestion of soil can cause in humans by disrupting intestinal motility or even causing intestinal obstruction. Women need to be told that what they eat can be dangerous,” Dr. Masuku said.
  • Thirst for soil during pregnancy? Is it safe to eat? – Pregged.com Eating “mati” clay soil is common in South Africa, but it can be dangerous. Not only because of its prevalence, but also because the soil in the area is rich in mercury and lead. Both are harmful to unborn children and are also harmful to adults in moderate to high amounts.
  • South African women addicted to soil – Health24 Dr. Masuku says many women develop iron deficiency during pregnancy and end up eating soil as a result. However, they can become infected with worms or other parasitic and bacterial infections by eating dirt. She adds that women who eat earth should let their doctors know about their cravings so that proper testing can be done to determine the cause.
  • Dangers of Eating Soil During Pregnancy – Hivisasa Forget about reviving your appetite. Eating the earth has devastating consequences not only for the mother, but also for the fetus. The soil can wreak havoc on their body, causing numerous infections. “Excessive consumption of soil can lead to blockage of the intestines, which will require surgery, as the soil blocks the passage of food.
  • Geophagy Soil-eating can harm children — ScienceDaily Researchers from the Center for Public Health and the Institute for Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Vienna have shown that this practice can also harm the health of pregnant women, who…