L'Arabie saoudite aménage ses aéroports pour accueillir le rallye Dakar - Dilta Sport

L’Arabie saoudite aménage ses aéroports pour accueillir le rallye Dakar


JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s General Civil Aviation Authority has announced that it has upgraded the Kingdom’s airports to provide new services during the 2022 Dakar Rally, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Monday.

Organized this year by the Ministry of Sports and supervised by the Saudi Automobile Federation, this rally will be the third of its kind in the Kingdom. More than 650 registrants from 70 countries will take part, making it the largest Dakar rally to date in terms of number of participants.

The airport services specially set up for the event include: special reception areas, more efficient arrival and departure procedures for travelers as well as areas intended to complete the formalities necessary for travel, specifies the Authority. In addition, a special area will operate 15 helicopters registered with the Helicopter Aircraft Company, 10 of which are registered locally, and 6 rotary-wing aircraft will be used to provide air assistance, particularly in the event of medical evacuation.

The General Civil Aviation Authority further unveiled a series of measures: the development of service areas and facilities; issuance of permits to rally organisers, operators and participants; and the publication of three guides explaining the requirements for obtaining a license for the rally, refueling outside airports and how to react if you encounter dust.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation also pointed out that it had issued authorizations for access and use of airports, and that it was working in coordination with the Saudi Air Navigation Services Company. and this, to manage the flights necessary for the smooth running of the Dakar rally.

The Dakar 2022 rally started on 1is January and continues until January 14.